First time wash for this denim

Iron Shirt & 925s

Ed got his production sample 925 Jeans and Iron Shirt so filthy, he couldn’t delay their first wash for a moment longer… 

There are a lot of stories flying around the internet on how and when to wash your selvedge / raw denim jeans. Some people even question washing them at all, or have other strategies such as putting them in the freezer or jumping in the sea in them! Beware what you read online.

It’s absolutely fine to wash your HebTroCo jeans, shirts and jackets and in fact we recommend it. A bit of muck is fine but stinky, bacteria infested jeans will actually rot over time. The important thing is not to wash them too soon. Please read, understand and follow our wash care guidelines. If you’re in any doubt about what to do just email us and we’ll guide you.

New raw denim needs a bit of time to wear in. This is essential. Washing before wearing or after a day or so of wear will ruin the colour of your new expensive denim. The dye needs to stabilise in the fabric and this is best done by wearing your jeans – for an absolute minimum of 7 full days, but preferably longer, more like one month.

Ideally wear for 3 to 6 months and then wash. You’ll get the best fades this way as the indigo will wear off the creases to contrast with the darker areas of the cloth.

You can hang your jeans up outside to freshen them up at any time. And for free.


Here we’ve got a filthy pair of 925 Regenagri Selvedge Denim Jeans and an Iron Shirt made from 16oz selvedge denim, the same as we use for our GVNR16 and M16 jeans and M16 Jacket. I’ve been going to work, tweaking stuff in the garage, riding my chopper, camping, dancing and spilling food and drinks all over these jeans and this shirt. Definitely ready for a first wash.

The jeans have been worn most days for 2 months. The Iron Shirt has been worn over 6 months with more wear in the last 2 months as I’ve been wearing it out on my bike. The road grime, dust, oil, sweat and squashed bugs have left their mark!


Both these garments went in the washing machine, inside out at 30° on a wool wash, followed by a rinse with no spin, then hung on the washing line (the shirt pegged at the bottom hem and the jeans at the waist band) to air dry. In the winter it’s fine to hand them in the shower to drip.


Really happy with how the Iron Shirt washed. There are some cute fade lines coming round the collar, cuffs and arms. Overall the denim looks dark still, but it’s not uniform, it’s got character.

Same with the jeans. Even though I’ve only been wearing them for 2 months they got some stick in that time. The dirt was showing and they were feeling a bit greasy and looking dull.

With time and wear your denim will go though different looks from smart, to worn in, to blown out. Keeping a few pairs of jeans in rotation will give you a choice of what to wear depending on what you’re up to and who you’re with.