End of an Era for Sideburn Magazine

Sideburn is dead, long live Sideburn.

Hands down one of the most exciting print magazines in terms of content, layout and art direction, Sideburn was so good that it created a whole scene in motorcycling that reached out around the world from the UK based mind of Gary Inman and his team.

Issue 55, the latest and final magazine ever, has just dropped through our letterbox. It looks fantastic as usual and we’ve got an ad in there as usual.

I was instantly caught by the cover of the first issue I saw. It looked so different from the mainstream and its proud identity as one of the independents burned bright against a backdrop of most of the rest of what was available. Bought the mag, went to Dirtquake, (the anarchic wacky races that was born out of Sideburn) and even went on to buy a bike off Gary. My fanboy dreams came true when we started to take ads in the mag. We have never advertised in any other publication and probably never will again. We helped organised a ride out, a couple of crazy parties and even collaborated on some of the Sideburn magazine launch parties.

It’s great to see the rise and growth of something you love. Bittersweet but also inspiring when you see someone with the bravery to bring a great project to an end, before it turns to shit.

Go to the Sideburn blog to read what Gary himself has to say, as usual he can put it better than anyone else.

Can’t wait to see what he does next and wonder if we might be able to be part of that too. Start your engines and let’s go!


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