Dyed in the Substation

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We first met Stanley on a freezing day in December on Todmorden Market where he sells locally baked bread. He was wearing a pair of HebTroCo moleskin jeans that he’d picked up from Oxfam in town. We got chatting and he explained how he was printing tie dye stuff in a unit he was renting for peanuts after it was flood damaged. Good local connections lead to great products.

This is our second project with Stanley, following the (now sold out) Substation Printed T-Shirt. We’re loving the results of our venture into the world of tie dye. It’s nice to have a couple of one-of-a-kind HebTroCo garments hanging on the archive rail. So how about some for you too? Take your pick…

Dyed in the Substation

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Substation Tie Dye T-Shirt


Cold water hand tie dyed by Stanley in his substation workshop, five minutes walk from our unit.

Using our best quality, made in Manchester, 100% cotton pocket t-shirt as the base.

Non toxic water based dye, producing a Water Lightning effect. KERPOW!

Limited run of just 45. There won’t be any more of these made.

Tied with elastic bands, as well as string, which can be fastened tighter to get sharp contrast between the different areas of colour.

As each shirt is dyed by hand there will be some variation between individual t-shirts.

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Substation Ice Dye Hoodie


Limited run of 30 hoodies. Manchester-made from British-spun Super cotton and individually dyed in Mytholmroyd using the melting power of ice cubes to create a unique smoke camouflage effect.

Each hoodie is completely unique in character, one-of-a-kind. This run is limited to 30 and we won’t be making any more.

Rather than mixing the dye with water, the powdered dye and ice cubes are piled on top of the hoodies. As the ice slowly melts, dye is spread in a beautifully random pattern over the cloth.

As each shirt is dyed by hand (and ice cube pixies) there will be some variation between individual hoodies.

Non toxic water based dye.

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