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This is Harley. He’s a bit poorly so his owner Jimmy, who’s a wizard and tattooer at Tatt Shack in Leeds, has designed these cool shirts to raise funds to pay for Harleys vet bills.

We like that Jimmy isn’t simply asking for money, you get to give a little and get something back. A really cool t-shirt.

Harley was referred to a specialist for a CT scan. They believe he might have a blood clot, a tumour, or some kind of infection in his spine. Get well soon Harley.

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Dog of the Week

14 July 2023


Hercules is a friend of HebTroCo and has graciously been part of photoshoots and a general contributor of good vibes throughout our 8 years in business. We’ve been dog sitting him for a couple of days this week and he’s brought us plenty of chuckles.

Once a bastard on Facebook had a go at us saying that Hercules is not a British dog. Let me tell you that he was born in Holmfirth and is as Yorkshire as pudding. Too many judges in this world and not enough clowns.