Can't Quit

Can’t Quit is a tenacious mountain bike apparel and knick-knacks brand born out of the struggle of one man, our mate Steve.

Steve’s a mountain biker and has been for a long time. 9 years ago this week he had a life changing accident on the way home from a party that Ed organised. It was a good party.

To help get him metaphorically ‘back on his feet’ a bunch of us organised a charity event that eventually led to Steve forming the brand Can’t Quit.

A brand of clothing that inspires it’s wearers to never quit. To create their own game, no matter what hand they are dealt.

With his spinal cord injury he now has to ride different bikes, but his passion and his happy place remains out in nature shredding the trails.

Photo: Back in 2015 at Kendal Mountain Festival Bike Night with left to right Martyn Ashton, Ed, Greg Minaar and Steve.

Every year Steve produces a charity t-shirt raising money for other people, reminiscent of the origin of his brand. This year he collaborated with illustrator Ryan Quickfall (who also designed a lot of the HebTroCo branding. You’re too late for those but keep an eye on Can’t Quit for more limited edition releases.

It’s about time we saw a Can’t Quit X HebTroCo t-shirt don’t you think?