Micap 001


Launched 8 March 2023

We’ve been looking for a stylish cap that will suit the street as well as being practical enough to run or cycle in. Micap does this. I’ve been running, cycling, walking round the Louvre in Paris and even having a nap in Micap.

I’m happy and I’m really fussy.

~ Ed


Introducing Micap

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New photos

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They're arriving next week

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9 Feb 2023
17 Feb 2023
3 March 2023

Caps off to Mike, they're arriving next week

3 March 2023

Micap 001 is arriving on Wednesday. We visited Mike in his shed last week to watch the master at work.

This run of 100% cotton, burgandy Micaps is limited to 30 – that’s it.  So make sure you’re signed up to the wait list to receive an email notification as soon as they’re in stock.

We’ll be working with Mike to produce more Micaps in the future, but each new run will be different – a new fabric, a new colour, or style.

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New photos

17 February 2023

We’re at the next stage in the Micap’s development. 

And that means more photographs.

Introducing Micap

9 February 2023

Why Micap? Because it’s made by Mike and it’s a cap. Plus this one’s mine.

Mike works in his garden shed making excellent caps. One by one, made by hand. We came across him on Instagram and I went over to Manchester to meet him.

Usually these things go like this: find factory/maker, email, visit, find what they can do and see how/if this matches with what we want. Then it’s – How many? How much? How long?

It works out or it doesn’t. Failure is fine but victory is sweeter.

Mike is nice and we like his style. If the cap fits…

He can make short run limited edition caps for us which suits us.

1st run will be this all cotton, washable cap you see here.