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Buttons not zips

Our trousers have buttons. Not zips. It’s a point of love and hate. Polarising and awkward. But we’re not doing it to be difficult. A trouser isn’t a static item. It moves. You move. The whole garment moves. And buttons allow your trousers to move and bend and shape far more dynamically than any zip […]

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Teleman Trousers

    Teleman were playing in Hebden Bridge on Tuesday night this week. brant’s a big fan. So he was pretty pleased to literally bump into lead singer Tom and bass player Pete as he walked out of the Post Office at half four. Teleman were playing the Trades Club on Tuesday evening, and Tom […]

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That Video

Late last year we made a video to launch our company on Kickstarter. It still sums up everything we are doing and want to do in the future. It was shot by Tim Royle and music was provided by Mr Wilson’s Second Liners. We’ll be bringing our story up to date with a new video soon, […]

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altrincham market

Altrincham Market

We’ve got a stand at the market this weekend. It’s a brilliant mix of old and new, craft, food, fresh air and lovely people. We’ll be showing our trousers, belts and shorts and meeting the good people of Altrincham and beyond. It’s on 10-4 this Saturday (10th September), so if you’re free, we’d love to […]

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mole skin but not moleskin

Moleskin – It’s not made from moles

No moles were harmed during the making of our trousers – moleskin doesn’t COME from moles, it just feels like a moles skin. Moleskin is a tough heavy fabric made from densely woven cotton, initially looped, then sheared which creates a short soft pile on the upper side. It looks and feels a bit like […]

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Magic Rock Tap Trouser Takeover

It’s on. Sunday 17th July will see the first Trouser Takeover at our favourite brewery bar – Magic Rock Tap, in Birkby, Huddersfield – Open 12-9pm. We’ll be showing and selling trousers as well as DJing. Ruby Creagh will have some of her hand made leather bags and accessories for sale. North West barber Co will […]

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