'Alpaca Hat' by The Dooks

Say hello to your new earworm. Jez bought one of our hats and was inspired to write, perform and shoot this video with friends and family.

We love it and there’s been dad dancing to it at work. You might spot he’s also wearing GVNR jeans. We’ve still got some of these Alpaca Watch Caps in stock as well as four colours of Alpaca Chunky Knit Hats.

“This is a first for me. A song inspired by an item of clothing. It all came together thus: A lovely cosy and warm hat sourced from my favourite clothing suppliers: HebTroCo. This is a company that prides itself on trading locally, sustainably and ethically. The song emerged from the idea that the warmth of the hat facilitates escape from the drudge of the day to day, and encourages fresh air and quality time outside with others. OK it’s not serious…I get it. I like to call it Cringe Rap.

It also led to some fun times with friends and family to make the song and video come together. It will be streaming imminently. I am a DIY musician with a hopefully seamless route to the wider world. I just hope it sounds like it should on the streaming platforms.

The Dooks are making music that their parents would disapprove of, and their children are disapproving of. New singles forthcoming later this year.”

~ Jez

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