Born in the pub in 2015

We are brant & Ed.

We sell clothes & other stuff

All Made Right Here
in Britain.

‘The best trousers on Earth’

Lucy Siegle

~ The One Show / Eco Columnist

‘I dropped my Wrangler’s and donned these jeans, which fitted perfectly’

Adrian Chiles

~ Working lunch / loads of stuff

‘Hipster twats!’

Col Jeff Smith

~ Facebook

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Our Story

(it was his idea)

Back in 2015 we had an idea in the pub – was it possible to support small UK manufacturers with production sized orders, and get people wearing and using stuff made here?

We told everyone we were going to do it. So we had to!

We started with trousers. We found out that Hebden Bridge, where we live, used to be known as Trousertown, because it made over 20,000 pairs of trousers a week. That’s a million pairs a year. At the time, we didn’t know much about trousers, but we had been wearing them all our lives, which had to count for something.

HebTroCo was launched on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, at the end of January 2016, with the aim to sell an initial batch of 176 pairs of trousers. We sold that batch in five hours, so we quit our jobs, and committed to HebTroCo full time.

Everything we do is made right here & exclusive to us

It seems to be working. We’ve now added a full range of clothing as well as other paraphernalia, working with makers, mills and factories right here in the UK.

Our garments have been tested and perfected by us. We wear them every day. We want you to be able to rely on and be completely satisfied with everything you order from us at HebTroCo. If you purchased your garment within the last 6-months and it develops a fault, please email us with details of the issue, a photo or two is helpful and your order number. Any manufacturing defects will come to light in this 6-month period. After that any issues will be considered normal wear and tear.

We give clear washing instructions in our garments. Please pay attention to them all!

Denim repairs

We want to see HebTroCo denim lasting for as long as possible. We can advise on repairs for as long as you own them. Denim wear and tear faults can be mended with one of our specialist denim repairs partners. We’ll chip in 50% off your first repair. More about that here.

Surely everyone loves our British made clothes?

We made a short film. 100% of these comments have been posted on our social media accounts over the last few years.

All items in stock, and shipped to the Post Office daily by electric cargo bike

99% of orders placed before 1pm Monday – Friday will ship the same day. We can even arrange for you to collect them in Hebden Bridge.

We’re from Hebden Bridge. You might have heard of it.

It rains a lot.

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As well as using our cargobikes, we like to do stuff to help the environment too…

Like the time we helped replant sphagnum moss to help Curlews and prevent flooding…

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And the time we explored the problems and solutions of local flooding…

“It’s not just two dickheads in a shed anymore…”


(bald, lowercase b, designer, you know the sort…)

Having had a life in bicycle design and brand development, everything changed after a stupid idea in the pub. My manufacturing experience started with me sewing trousers for my teddy bear, making tents and bivibags, panniers for my bike as a teenager. Somehow, textiles disappeared into the background and I became a cycling journalist, then a brand manager, designing bike frames for myself and thousands of other people – whether that’s super fast carbon fibre road bikes, or full on downhill race bikes. Now I’m applying everything I’ve learnt, with consumer-direct business models, manufacturing efficiency and 40+ years of wearing clothes, to bring production quantities back to our local area so I can pick my children up from school rather than having to fly half way around the world to check quality.


(Beard, tattoos, motorbike, that sort…)

For 7 years before HebTroCo I worked in the outdoor industry running my own mountain bike skills and guiding business. My working life started out in community arts leading drama, video and music projects, mostly with groups of young people. Practical work has always had appeal and I worked as a massage therapist for 10 years with practices in Hebden Bridge and Leeds. All my jobs have had the common thread of working with people and trying to make them happy. Menswear was the obvious next step. Oh and I ride old motorbikes and go running most days. I have a wind-up watch, enjoy playing records and taking photos with a 35mm film camera. I don’t have a TV.


Amelia’s experience in pattern making, materials and manufacturing helps bring our products to market quicker, with higher quality that passes straight to customers.

Ace (the dog) brings his steady eye, good energy and hunger for sausage to the unit.


He’s easily the coolest person at HebTroCo…

Andy is now running our warehouse as well as piloting the cargo bike to the post office


We’ve known Steve for a long time. He’s a good guy. He’s also done some great stuff. Steve suffers from a degenerative eyesight condition. He is registered visually impaired and will eventually lose his vision completely. Not that he lets this stand in his way. 

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