Made In The Melody Shed

To get on as any sort of artist you’ve got to be adaptable. In fact, really, “in these current times” if you want to stay ahead in any sort of business you’ve got to be pretty adaptable. Perhaps artists are better at it than anyone?

Ben wears GVNR Black Selvedge Denim / Organic Denim Overshirt

Ben Hall has made a career of being adaptable so far, from his left handed playing of a right handed guitar, to his flip from music to pottery (and back again when he can).

Throw in model/clothes horse into the mix too? Not really, but we thought he had a style and shape that would work well with our stuff, and it’s good to talk.

Ben wears Organic Denim Overshirt / Cotton Knit Hat.

When live music dried up and his tour dates for his band Mr Ben & The Bens, he put down his guitar and picked up his clay and kept himself busy. He works for a month at a time, crafting pieces, then sells them all out in one day, actually, usually one hour – we told him to put his prices up.

We’re really chuffed that Ben’s found time in his schedule to make us some mugs too. The tapered mug holds a right good brew. These aren’t no dainty tea cups.

Super limited edition (there are 15 for sale), they’re going live this evening.

Ben came to see us – quite unexpectedly.

And this was his/their breakout single The Bluest Blues. Still sharp today.


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