"I dropped my Wrangler’s and donned these jeans, which fitted perfectly"

We don’t have a PR department (or a marketing team, warehouse staff, or models). It’s just us two. And we work fast and frantic, keeping things going. Which is sometimes good, and sometimes bad.

What it does mean is that when a call comes in for someone to drive some jeans to a remote location at a few hours notice, we can usually get that together.

And yes reader – we got that call.

Could we meet a TV Celebrity, near the M62 and bring them some jeans?

So that’s how brant found himself in the carpark near Windy Hill transmitter, just off the M62 on Tuesday night, as the TV celebrity pulled in, whipped down his imported denim and slipped into some GVNR selvedge denim.

We thought we’d keep it quiet, but last night an article appeared on The Guardian

So yeah – that was us. And that was Adrian Chiles.

Not just jeans – we sorted him out with a Chunky Knit hat, a pair of Model A Sunglasses, some Double Black Coffee and a Hipster Twats scarf too.

It’s all going to be on a Radio 4 Programme he’s working on. Which should be fun. Who knew!

(Fast forward to 19mins if you want to go straight to the action, but actually don’t because it’s a great listen right through.)

(and yeah – social distancing – not so much, but it was INCREDIBLY WINDY STRAIGHT IN OUR FACE, and to be honest I completely forgot. /brant)

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