And finally some good news

Not everything’s rubbish this year. We’ve brought lots of new products to market all made in British factories. Money has gone back into making jeans, action blankets, socks, shirts, sunglasses, bandanas and even coffee. This means we’re now selling direct to customers from stock. No more preorders and long waiting games. Bills are being paid to British factories and on to their workers. Our taxes are going into the economy. Seems like good news to us and we’re getting fantastic feedback from people who want good quality gear that’s made right.

Another good news story is Chris the Cheese. Both he and his wife were laid off from their theatre jobs during the first lockdown. With a baby on the way something needed to be done. Chris got on the portable grill and hit the local markets serving up delicious toasted cheese sandwiches.

He’s now progressed the project and has a small takeaway unit in our town, Hebden Bridge. Working locally is important to us and we like how The Grilled Cheese Booth uses all proper ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Slabs of sourdough bread are pressed down on mountains of cheddar mixed with parmesan. There are caramelised onions and also local charcuterie for the carnivores.

Chris designed all the shop branding and all he was missing was the perfect shirt.

He came to us and we think he looks great in our Jumbo Cord Overshirt.

His unit is at the bottom of Crown Street in Hebden Bridge, just across the road from Crown Fisheries (the best fish and chips in town).

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