Feel good hit of the summer

The mighty Action Blanket has struck a chord with people across the land. Sitting in the garden as the sun goes down? Heading off on your staycation? Sipping a Corona after a swim in the sea? Pretending to be at a festival? Everything is that bit better if you’re draped in an Action Blanket. We were going to call it the Yorkshire Poncho, so you can call it that if you prefer. In fact you can call it whatever you want.

This lovely couple sent us these photos from their very stylish camping trip…

Good morning from the South Peaks. Our first fireside ‘action blanket’ trial last night was a massive success. We’ve bought 4, have selected these 2 for us and have 2 spare for guests. I’ve personalised mine- hope you don’t hate it 😂- we couldn’t be happier, action blanket life is a great life 👌🏼

The Yorkshire Poncho you never knew you needed.

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