World's First Bio Acrylic Glasses Frames

Made exclusively for us by Banton Frameworks in Scotland our sunglasses have the most eco friendly frames you can buy.

Wear them as they come or take to a good optician to have your own prescription lenses fitted.

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Designed and made specifically for Hebtroco, these full-rim frames are made entirely of this hardy material. Just like regular acrylic, it polishes impeccably and machines well.

This particular sheet is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. So before you say that acrylic isn’t very environmental, this is as green as it gets. This is the only acrylic of its kind.

Oh, and as far as we know, we’re the only eyewear manufacturer to have made frames from this innovative material.

For their sunglasses, they wanted an all-black no-nonsense frame made with solid hardware, rivets and ethical materials.

Game on.

The style is a classic ‘50’s Wayfarer shape with a saddle bridge and square endpieces. Enjoyably, the angle of the hinges give the frame that stylish ‘rake’ tilting it forwards in effortless style.

Having recently re-watched Wolf of Wall Street, this timeless frame is a solid reminder of why good design stays forever fashionable.

If it’s good enough for Jordan Belfort…

Polished to a lustrous glossy shine, the grey tinted CR39 lenses and black acrylic are a stealthy look, perfect for making the most of the remaining summer.

The temples are single piece with traditional ‘drop ends’. These tuck nicely behind your ears with a nice distribution of pressure across their generous 11mm width. They’re chunky, simple and riveted solid.

Lucy & Jamie, co-founders Banton Frameworks.

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