Washing your selvedge denim

You’ve bought a lovely pair of selvedge jeans. As they get older and start to fade you want to create your own fade lines rather than have the washing machine do it.

If you want the best looking jeans wash at 3 to 6 month intervals.

The denim dye will colour anything else in the wash. So wash your jeans on their own.

Washing denim is about being gentle and avoiding creasing so we’re going to do a soak wash in a bath or sink.

  1. LUKEWARM water 8-10 inches deep
  2. 1/2 lid of your non bio wash liquid. Agitate the water
  3. Lay your jeans in the water. To stop them floating weigh them down with something like saucepans full of water
  4. Leave them for half an hour
  5. Now give them a “shake” – think of this as getting hold of  someone, not to hurt them, but just to give them a message!
  6. Leave for 15 minutes and do the “shake” again
  7. Lift out your jeans, drain water and rinse out the bath
  8. Fill with COLD water
  9. Submerge and “shake” then weigh down as before.
  10. Leave for half an hour.
  11. Drip dry. NO WRINGING.

If you really can’t be arsed with all of that then turn them inside out, put them in the washing machine. Use the wool wash. Don’t spin them. Drip dry.

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