They’re everywhere. Ubertanned celebs, blinging their iPhoneXR2s with their Love Island buddies. Apparently. If you look.

It’s the way fashion things are marketed these days.

But not here.

We keep being told by “branding agencies” that we need to use “celebrity influencers” to sell more stuff. But we’re not convinced. Far from it. We can’t think of a single “influencer” we’d like to work with. We’ve worked with actual journalists who write about stuff, covering things in detail, but dolled-up clothes-horses wanting us to pay £5k for a shot on their instagram account? No thanks.

We’ve always used pictures of ourselves and our mates to promote our stuff. No models. Just us.

Our business is built on sustainable business, sustainable products and sustainable growth. So for this week, we’re going to try something different.

Email us pics of you wearing our stuff, and the ones we like and use, we’ll give you a tenner*, and a tenner* for your mate too.

We want stuff like this:-




*£10 voucher, minimum order value £100.

Email hello@hebtro.co with your pics.

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