Fiver For The Fire

We’ve been moved with the scenes of destruction to the huge areas of Australia, and with many customers and friends out there, we thought we’d like to support the campaigns to assist response, recovery and resilience.
For the rest of January, we’ll be donating £5 from the sale of every pair of moleskin jeans to charities working in the bushfires, including the WWF and the Country Fire Authority, Victoria.
Moleskin jeans are our most popular export to Australia – where moleskin has a reputation for toughness and durability, the choice of jeans for “stockmen”. We are one of the few brands making tough moleskin jeans, rather than the light weight fashion trousers stocked in some high street stores.

Why moleskin jeans?

We started our business with moleskin. It’s a fabric with great heritage in our local area, tough, durable and warm.

Moleskin – It’s not made from moles

No moles were harmed during the making of our trousers – moleskin doesn’t COME from moles, it just feels like a moles skin.

Moleskin has been used in trouser making for many years, and is popular for hunting, building work, countryside use due to it’s ability to shrug off damage, keep clean, be “quiet” in use, as well as being breathable, and comfortable even when wet.

It’s is a tough heavy fabric made from densely woven cotton, initially looped, then sheared which creates a short soft pile on the upper side. It looks and feels a bit like chammy and some sorts of velvet, but is actually far tougher than either

It’s dense nature makes it ideal for tough working garments, but because it’s cotton, it’s very breathable. It can be washed in a normal household machine, but of course, being cotton, it shouldn’t be boiled as that would make it shrink. We recommend washing at 30deg which is good for your trousers and the environment.

All our jeans are 100% vegan, including the synthetic patch and Corozo nut buttons.

£5 from every sale goes to help protect Australia against fires.

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