The 177 is dead

We won’t be making any more trousers in our original 177 pattern. For those of you who love the tapered leg original, now is the time to go to the trouser bar for last orders.

To make it a memorable exit we’re offering a free British Standard white t-shirt with every pair of 177 moleskins and Works 177 Chinos for a limited time.

As well as making too many t-shirts we also made too many pairs of shorts (because we were told that we were going to be featured in the Saturday Times – and then we weren’t!) So we’re extending this free t-shirt offer to include shorts as well.

Select the trousers/shorts that you want as well as the t-shirt and then use the code FREET to receive your discount.

Why kill the 177? It was the hybrid original that started it all and many of you, as well as the two of us loved it. Part jeans style, part trouser it was what we came up with in the wild west days of our menswear adventure. As time went on we wanted something different and with the help of excellent pattern cutters and machinists we developed the Governor pattern. We find that we wear Governors all the time now. There’s a little more room with this straight leg pattern without ending up with a baggy pair of old man pants. Governors also work better with boots as well as shoes.

Long live the Governor. Now fill your boots.



Merino Wool Jacket

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