The world changing Space Age gubbins made in a shed in Hartlepool

We love sheds. And people that make things in sheds.

This week we’ve been procrastinating heavily and have been sucked into an internet wormhole about a material called STARLITE.

Created in the late ’80’s in a shed by former hairdresser and self proclaimed tinkerer, Maurice Ward, Starlite was a heat proof, fire resistant material (and this is the intriguing bit) WHOSE RECIPE MAURICE TOOK TO HIS GRAVE WHEN HE DIED IN 2011.

Though a USA brand have a licence for it’s use, his daughter says she has a recipe for the “proper” version. And a Youtuber made a very convincing clone of the product out of well, you’d not believe it and it might spoil the surprise.

Here’s just a couple of the videos we’ve watched this week. We hope you find them as interesting as we did when we were meant to be doing proper work.


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