Shed of Heaven

We work in a shed. Back in the first half of the twentieth century, Thornbers, a world leading chicken hatchery business, eventually employing thousands, was built from scratch on what is now the Top Land Country Business Park near Hebden Bridge. Millions of chicks were sold by mail order from here to households and businesses for egg laying. It’s funny to think that our business, also built from scratch, sells online (and direct at the unit) from a former chicken shed, sending out British made products to customers all over the world.

The joy of sheds runs in our blood. We like to do stuff in our own sheds; fixing motorbikes, making beef jerky, sometimes working, brewing dodgy cider and building bicycles are some of the things we’ve done. And just as much fun as doing all this is looking in the sheds of other people.

We know that some of you people, the customers of HebTroCo, have exciting specialisms, esoteric pastimes, specialist skills and eccentric hobbies. Although these things take you out into the world they are all based and developed in your garden sheds, garages, out buildings, lean-tos, outside bogs and various cabins. Some will be architect designed and some built for nowt out of scrap, we don’t care so long as we can have a nosey.

We get loads of photos  of you lot in your HebTroCo gear. Holidays and business trips in exotic locations, adventures, pub trips and selfies with your Mark I Land Rover Рwe love receiving them all. Many of you have visited the unit on open days, turning up in cool cars and on tasty motorbikes, telling tales of cycling adventures, brewing and woodworking projects, throwing pots and baking bread. You must have some pretty good sheds!

We’d love to see them and hear about what you do in them. Please send us photos of your shed and include you in your HebTroCo clothes. If you’ve got a sex dungeon built into your garden shed though, maybe keep that to yourself!

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