Trousers in nothing to do with Brexit shocker!

A month ago we were given these stickers to put on all orders going overseas. Not just the ones to America. “Just in case there’s no deal, or some kind of deal.”

Well we didn’t have to put the customs declaration on these trousers heading out to the Netherlands today. Maybe we will at some point. Maybe we won’t!

Whether we say we’re proud of the British made products we sell (“unfollow”) or have a joke with our Brexit Balaclava (“this means you don’t want leave voters as customers”) it seems that we get flack from some people!

We’re neither pushing a pro nor anti Brexit agenda, we’re just a small British business trying to do what we think is a positive job in uncertain times. Let’s just try to get along eh?

There may be trouble ahead, but while there’s music and moonlight and love and romance, let’s wear our trousers and dance.

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