So @magicrockbrewing have been sold to Lion, a big Australian beer company. LOTS of the comments on their social media remind us of the “road rage” response we sometimes get for selling £125 trousers, or God forbid, the ridiculously expensive Garrison Belt. It’s probably true that the nastiest comments come from people who have no idea what it’s like to be responsible for running a business. The buck stops with you, it’s your property that’s the guarantee to the bank & it’s your hair that falls out when things go wrong. The job doesn’t end at 5.30pm.

Magic Rock are a great Yorkshire business that have grown from 2 people to 45 employees. They make Huddersfield look good. Money goes into the economy. People get to drink really nice beer. It costs a lot to grow a business in personal effort and hard earned money. So fuck the haters, let’s celebrate a good news story and a local success.

Ed called into the @magicrocktap tap today & the welcome is still warm & the beer still tastes as delicious as ever! In today’s climate, with our politicians making us look like fools, we need to appreciate the innovators and those who dare to make a business work and grow in Britain. One last thing, if you’re going to comment, think it through & DON’T BE A DICK.

Justin. A man who is wearing a 1485 Wool Jacket. Randomly said hello. He likes Magic Rock too


Read more about Magic Rock Brewing here – https://hebtro.co/2017/11/14/self-made-richard-burhouse/

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