Brexit Balaclava

Brexit is so much fun. 

We’ve been enjoying the whole process as long as we’ve been in business, because it’s been the political backdrop that’s defined the three years we’ve been in existence. 

The first time we ordered moleskin from our German supplier (it’s no longer made anywhere in Britain) was on the day that the Brexit result was announced. Because the pound dropped against the Euro, the cost of our order went up by 10% compared to the original quotation. Oh well! That’s business and life goes on. We recalculated and cracked on with getting some work done. It’s what we do. 

Three years later and we’re at the “theoretical” leave date. By a magical coincidence this also happens to be the time that we hit the milestone of reaching £1 million gross turnover for our small business. An ordinary figure for many companies but a pretty big deal for us, and we’d like to think a valuable thing for the local and national economy. We must have been doing something right.

We’ve not been put off by these turbulent times. What else can you do? Business, like life in general, is always going to swing precariously between victory and defeat. How we deal with it is what matters. As cheeky northerners, we’re used to putting on a brave face and trying our best to enjoy the general situation that we find ourselves in. Just look at the weather we have to put up with!

Generations before us have faced civil war, the industrial revolution, the breakdown of traditional industries and the ongoing promises of politicians.

It’s time to pull on the Brexit Balaclava and make the most of it all. The time of the underdog is now.

We work with local suppliers which means we can react quickly and bring products to market fast. We don’t have to decide a year in advance what to make, and then wait for it to arrive on a boat from far far away. We use the skills and experience that are in the same place that we’re from. We sell direct online and through our warehouse shop which means we can keep prices reasonable, for the high quality British made gear that we offer. We have advantages. We can work smart, keep overheads and stock lean. Working locally works. And we commit. 

We want to make the Brexit Balaclava and we know that lots of you want to buy one. The problem is that we can’t find a UK supplier who’ll make it for us. Ironically we could have these made for £1 if we went to an off shore supplier. We could claim, quite rightly that it was designed in Britain and we could slap a Union Jack on it. 

We’re not going to do that though because it’s bullshit!

So if you want to buy a Brexit Balaclava, to help you put a brave face on it all, laugh at the unknown and show the world that you mean business, please let us know if you know someone who can make it. 

Otherwise accept it’s not going to happen and have a good laugh about it. Whatever happens life will go on. Let’s just hope that we don’t become a country made up of people who only make sandwiches for each other. We have great skills and history here. Let’s get weaving. 

Whatever you do, don’t be a dick. 


Want one? Sign up and we’ll let you know when we’ve found a British company to make us one.


I want a Brexit Balaclava

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