We make stuff here, using quality materials and British manufacturers. But people call us out constantly. About our foreign dog. Brown faces on our production line. Knives “in this current climate”.
I think it’s called “whataboutery” – the latest one is cotton. And how much water it takes to process enough cotton for a T-Shirt.
So we thought we’d do a bit of “whataboutery” of our own.
We did some research – it takes 2700 litres of water to make cotton for one T shirt. Crazy eh?
But it takes 1700 litres of water to make 100g of chocolate.
So T shirts take less water than 200g of chocolate.
And that chocolate lasts a lot less time than our T shirts, or trousers (they’re cotton too).
Of course, that’s still a lot of water. So of course, we make sure our T shirts last. And our trousers too. And whilst we’re not doing that “don’t wash them for six months” thing that some manufacturers go on about, it’s certainly true that trousers don’t need washing daily, or even weekly. Wear more, wash less.
Unless you drop chocolate all over them of course, in which case you’re really not helping anyone.
What about that?

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