Made. Right. Here.

Two years ago we were a good news story on the front cover of the Yorkshire Post Magazine. The pictures show us in a nineteenth century mill in Hebden Bridge, having trousers made and selling them to people all over the country and overseas.

It was a great story and inspired us and many customers. Unfortunately our enthusiasm and orders weren’t enough to keep that part of our story going. Our supplier, after starting up his own direct to market brand (unknown to us), stopped suppling us. Now his factory is closed and appears to have gone into receivership.

Our trousers aren’t made in Hebden Bridge anymore. It’s a sad story but it wasn’t the end of the tale. Our enthusiasm for using local suppliers and selling high quality British made goods is as strong as ever. Our jackets and trousers are made in Blackburn; t-shirts in another factory in Blackburn; socks in Bradford; boots in Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire; pocket knives in Sheffield; hats in Nottingham; everything posted out to customers from Hebden Bridge Post Office. Where we can get it our cotton and wool is spun and woven here, some of our leather tanned, our labels woven and t-shirts printed all near by. And there’s more to come.

The story is important to us at HebTroCo. We like explaining the details of where our gear comes from, what was the creative and production process and what is involved in the actual manufacture. 

Details are important. Our buttons for example come from England’s last natural button maker. One man’s passion for British manufacturing led him to save a small but vital part of it. That’s a good news story. If you want to know more look up Courtney & Co.

It’s not always happy ever after in business, but our story goes on. We’re really keen to tell it and make a living for ourselves, trying to do things right. 

We’re committed to making sure that everything with a HebTroCo label on it is Made, Right, Here. 

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