Wuthering Heights

We live in a beautiful place. We’re not lucky though, we live here on purpose. It’s the pennine way.

En route back to base, from dropping cloth off at the factory in Blackburn that’s making our next batch of t-shirts, the timing was just right to blow away the cobwebs of the working day, with a bracing walk up onto the top of the Pennines. The backbone of England is a beautiful and often bleak expanse of open moorland, that we live and work on, and pass over as we go about our our business, passing from Yorkshire to Lancashire and back.

Dressed in moleskin trousers, heavy boots and a wool jacket makes life easy when you want to leave the van behind and wander off into the windy expanses. A dog makes a great and silent companion. Do I need to walk the dog or do I need to walk me? Both definitely.

A beautifully brisk hour and a half can be spent hiking up and back along a stretch of the Pennine Way, from the tiny village of Stanbury to the ruined farmhouse at Top Withins, which is thought to have been the influence for Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights”. And if it isn’t true who cares? It’s a stunning spot with views out across the hills to Ilkley Moor. Even Keighley and the hinterlands of Bradford look enticing from here. It’s enough to make you come over all Yorkshire.

If you want to see the farmhouse get yourself up there. Take a walk and stretch your eyes out. It’s the pennine way.


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