All around the world

Like Lisa Stansfield (who brant’s dad bumped into in CoOp the other day), HebTroCo products are all around the world. This week we’ve been sent photos from some exciting locations. We love hearing from our customers and even if you’re in Doncaster, please send us photos of what you’re up to in your trousers, jackets, belts and boots.

Firstly Sean sent us a photo of himself in his new strides at the MorgongĂ„va Rune Stone in Sweden. Apparently it’s -5ÂșC there at the moment, perfect conditions for a pair of 177 moleskins.

Then from over 8,000 miles away we received a photo from Jameson, in the Falkland Islands, who has picked up one of the last pairs of light olive Governor Canvas trousers, as well as a pair of Moto Boots. Much debate ensued on Facebook as to the identity of the wreck in the photo and its precise location. As usual on Facebook there were many experts but no actual conclusion!

We ship worldwide from our local Post Office, with products heading out to Australia, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the U.S. and Solihull in the last week. As a small company from Yorkshire it gives us a buzz to think that our gear travels the world. Thanks for all the photos, please keep them coming.

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