Hand Made

100 new Garrison belt buckle blanks have been delivered from the water jet cutters in Chesterfield. High tech industrial process combines with individual craft to make something that’s more than the sum of its parts.¬†Using one of these and a British veg tanned bridle leather hide, Tommy gets to work on making our belts. Each one hand made, just by him in his workshop. There’s a good couple of hours work in each belt.

Michael starts with a Sheffield forged bar of Damascus steel, brass rod, Yorkshire oak and pieces of Moughton stone. Each Barlow knife is hand made and is slightly different from the next. Again there are hours of skilled work in each piece. His fingers, pictured above, show the feeling of commitment that he has to his craft.

Rolls of cloth are marked out and cut to pattern, before making their way down the factory production line, passing through many skilled hands at Cookson and Clegg, to make our renowned trousers and jackets. Currently there are 200 pairs of moleskin trousers on the line. Around 46 minutes of concentrated work goes into each pair.

All the products in this post are currently in production for HebTroCo. As you can imagine it’s a busy season and quality doesn’t get rushed through. If you’re waiting for an order, don’t worry, it’s on its way and you will most definitely get it in good time for Christmas. You can also rest assured that it will last a lot longer than just a season.

We’re proud to support British manufacturers, whether they’re one man bands or larger scale operations. We have excellent manufacturing skills in this country and we think they should be preserved and expanded. We’re very grateful to HebTroCo customers for supporting our business with their hard earned money and being part of the continuation of quality manufacturing, for the long term, in this country.

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