In search of trousers

Most people would just go shopping. Luckily there are other people who can turn a trip to get a pair of trousers into an adventure.

We received the following email from Steve.

I got a HebTroCo gift voucher as a present. The folk that got me the voucher and I fancy cycling over from Ilkley to pick up a pair of 177 moleskin trousers. Saves on postage – and gives us an excuse to ride all day……
Don’t expect you to be open so a cunning plan has been devised.
Would it work for you to drop them off at a pub in Hebden Bridge?
We can pick up, have a beer or 2, a feed, train home. Simple.
Thanks to the staff at Vocation & Co. for agreeing to go along with this plan. Check them out, they have the kind of beer selection that you would usually only find in a capital city.
It’s quite a long way from Ilkley to Hebden Bridge!

Some people have a funny idea of what fun is. This makes us happy.

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