Moleskin season is here

Leaves are falling and the wind is whistling around your legs. Rain is forecast and the cold days are coming. It’s time to pull on your moleskins.

What is moleskin?

A luxurious 100% cotton fabric with a brushed surface that’s warm and hardwearing. It’s not made of moles stupid! It just has a similar feel. It’s been used to make workwear since the Industrial Revolution because of its ability to keep you snug and last a long time.

Why are HebTroCo always banging on about it?

HebTroCo was built on moleskin. Our first product was 177 moleskin trousers. It’s what Hebden Bridge, where we’re based in the Yorkshire Pennines, was famous for. As kids we wore moleskin trousers, but as adults couldn’t find any that didn’t look like grandad pants. We’ve spent the last three years bringing back this fabulous material and making an up to date alternative to jeans.

Isn’t cotton bad?

The cotton used in our moleskin is certified in accordance with ├ľko-Tex Standard 100, which basically means that no harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation or processing of the cotton.

Will moleskin make me more attractive?

No, but people will want to stroke your legs.



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