Don’t call it a mix tape

It used to be a mix tape. Now it’s a playlist.

Don’t worry, the same level of egotism, passion and one-upmanship has gone into this, as it would have in making a tape to give to a prospective friend or sexual partner. So just be chuffed to get what you get OK.

This is the HebTroCo playlist #1 and it’s ┬ámade up of the music that we’ve been listening to and includes some of the bands that we’ve been going to see live. It also has an early autumnal feel.

We make clothes, we’re not musicians, but we love to listen to all kinds of tunes. If you’ve been to one of our open days or pop up shops, then you will have heard us DJing our eclectic taste in music. We love music so much, that we’ve got our own PA set up in the HebTroCo unit, with Technics SL1210 turntables and a big old sub bass unit and speakers.

If you can be bothered to listen and are interested in why we chose these tracks read on.

Our playlist starts with a new release from Tony Joe White. We thought he was dead. He’s made love making music classics like “Stud Spider” in the past and this offering is just as good, especially with his dirty old man voice.

Then all the leaves go brown, you’ve heard it all before, but it still cuts the autumn mist like mustard.

Teleman are next. Geeky as fuck and all the better for it. The bass guitarist owns a pair of our moleskin trousers. There is no need to justify their inclusion in our list. Both brant and Ed have been to see them live more than once this year.

One of the best live bands out there are the Wedding Present. Not just for staring at your shoes to, they’ve been playing forever and still generate a great live atmosphere, although it has to be said, mostly to an audience of balding men, which is a shame. This year marks 30 years since the release of their album ‘Tommy’ which this tune is off. It’s got nothing to do with Tommy who makes our belts.

Total mind melt now into to Sleng Teng reggae. Ed was recently involved in a drinking and musical sparing session in his favourite bar, The Triange in Shipley, West Yorkshire. This was his vital selection. The bass line is an absolute classic of 80s reggae and this tune was the first one to use it. Rewind and start again!

Are you in love? I am and this song makes me think of my girlfriend. I feel lucky. Thank you Yardbirds.

Mr Ben and the Bens are about as old as our children. They’re from up north and dead sexy. Mr Ben’s dad has some of our trousers and their music is ace. They even said we could use their music for free if we ever make any more videos. Another great band to see live.

Jake Thackray was a northern minstrel who played the working men’s clubs at the same time as pursuing a career as a school French teacher. Never one for the limelight, he was still signed up to the same record label as Pink Floyd and was featured extensively on the BBC. This is a rude song.

Who doesn’t like a trancey 1970s psychedelic track with flutes and lots of repetition. I love this grinder from Harvester, perfect for burning a wicker man or two to.

We finish with the anthem of Yorkshire because that’s where we’re from.


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