The Sons

We’ve got lots of kids. Part of the reason for setting up HebTroCo was to allow us to be able to pick some of them up from school. Our daughters have occasionally been put to work taking photos, counting stock or sorting through postal receipts to find lost tracking details. When we were based in the derelict old 19th century mill, the grim irony of having our children at work wasn’t lost on us. The glory days of the clothing business in our part of the world was powered in part by exploiting child labour. 

Both being in their early 20s, our oldest sons are far too big for us to risk beating them, so we just asked very nicely if they’d come over and be photographed in HebTroCo gear.

We’ve never used models for any of our photo shoots, preferring the real, characterful look of normal people. So far it’s been us and our friends in the pictures, so it was an obvious next move to call up the sons to do their bit. It was great to see how they enjoyed wearing the clothes and appreciated the quality. We always enjoy seeing our products on customers, when we’re out and about, and it’s especially cool when we see younger guys wearing HebTroCo. After all it’s not just for old men with beards. Perhaps the future is safe?

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