How to wash your trousers & some of your jackets


The less you wash your trousers the better. Obviously you don’t want to smell of wee and have egg on your leg so at various times you will want to wash them.

Governor and 177 moleskins are 100% cotton (so are the Governor moleskin jackets)

Governor Canvas are 55% linen 45% cotton (so are Governor Canvas jackets)

These natural fibres need care to keep them looking good.

  • Only wash inside out at 30ºC. This will help the colour last longer and keep the fabric stronger.
  • Use mild, non biological detergent and use it sparingly. Too much will clog up in your pants and make them more dirty!
  • Only use a SLOW spin otherwise the fabric will crease and cause nasty fade lines. Never tumble dry.
  • Air dry. Don’t be a dick and put them on a radiator!

Then go and wear them, proud in the knowledge that you actually know what you’re doing.

For your wool jackets, take them to the dry cleaners.

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