British Summer Sorted

We started in the winter of 2015 with an idea to offer high quality, stylish and durable British made clothing. Heavyweight trousers for the cold days were our first products and still hold a valuable place in the range. Soon we were wrapped up in various trousers and jackets and could offer full outfits. 

Three years on and we’ve finally developed a summer range too. Quality gear made just for us by renowned manufacturers. Everything we do is made in Britain and as far as is possible today we use British materials. We wear these clothes every day and we’re very proud to sell them. 

The British Standard T Shirt is fully British made, from the spinning of the top quality cotton yarn to the knitting of the fabric. It’s a high end, lightweight, classic white T shirt available plain or with a choice of prints. 


The Works 177 trousers are lightweight without being flimsy. Roomy enough to be comfortable whilst keeping a slim, tapered profile they are great to wear for work and for play. 

Governor shorts are also available for those who want trouser quality in a shorter cut!

We’ve had some fabulous weather this summer, but as we know it won’t last forever! For the overcast days, fresh mornings and chilly evenings we now have the ultimate mid weight jacket in the Governor Moleskin. Worn with just a T Shirt it’s light enough and warm enough at the same time. It will last for years and as anyone who has a pair of our moleskin trousers knows, nothing feels as good as this super soft yet robust cloth next to your skin. 

As our company slowly grows we will continue to design and make great garments. We are British Made to Last. 

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