What’s a “Sled”?

It always comes back to Steve McQueen doesn’t it? Whatever he turned his hand to, he did well and always looked super cool doing it. Riding motorcycles was his passion, especially in the dirt. The film “On Any Sunday” is a motorcycling classic and features McQueen and mates riding all kinds of bikes and everyone remembers him trying to outrun the Nazis in the Great Escape.

From Husqvrnas to Harleys, BMWs to Triumphs; he rode and owned them all. The Desert Sled is usually a stripped down twin cylinder Triumph with wide handlebars to give good leverage and control on the limits of the bike’s handling off road.

The Desert Sled has a single purpose. It’s for jumping on and ripping about. It’s for bare bones fun. Who wouldn’t want to have a bike like this? So when Steve Bentley of Dust Motorcycles offered to build us his take on the Sled we said, “yes please” very quickly.

The HebTroCo Sled is a custom bike based on an ex Police BMW. We’ll be updating the build process of this trick machine with a series of videos. Then the bike will be shown at Motorcycle Social in Leeds on 28-29 July.

Then we’re going to ride the shit out of it.


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