Will robots need trousers?

Boston Dynamics have been posting videos of their robot development for the last few years. It’s truly amazing what they’re actually making these things do, and it’s fascinating coming from a mechanical and engineering background (which we sort of do) to see how things are developing.

Closer to home, brant’s son Toby is actually a robot operator for a day job – he works the complicated CNC router at local design firm Wood and Wire. Whilst wearing hard wearing moleskin trousers of course. It’s great to see that the years of playing C.O.D. and breaking various electronic things have served him well.

But back to the robots – we hope they do need trousers. We really hope they will. Particularly if they are 30in, 32in or 34in waist and like corduroy or higher waisted moleskin, like we sell in our “Last Few” section – https://hebtro.co/product-category/last-few/

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