Paraphernalia. Not just trousers. 

We come from a background in the cycling industry. brant was a magazine editor and bike designer, while Ed was a skills trainer and guide as well as writing product reviews and magazine features. Hammering prototype bikes through rocks and putting the latest technology to the test through miles of mud was our stock in trade.
The same process was applied to our trousers. We went beyond the call of duty by riding motorcycle and bicycles, disco dancing, camping, walking dogs, hiking the hills, going to the pub and even sleeping in our trousers. Tweaks were made to the patterns, stress areas reinforced, pockets strengthened, all to ensure that we were offering the best quality possible.
We wear and use our stuff all day everyday, wearing our gear for whatever we do. Clothing makes the core of our range, but we also love a bit of paraphernalia and even have a growing section of our online shop, offering high quality British made bits and bobs that we love.
Some people on Facebook didn’t like it when we made a pocket knife. They couldn’t see how it fit alongside clothing as part of our offering. Perhaps they thought that middle aged men were being encouraged to go on a whittling rampage with their £175 pen knives! Wonder what they’ll make of our line of motorcycle luggage?
HebTroCo isn’t a motorcycle brand but it’s one of the things along with drinking good beer, cooking, cycling and spending time with our girlfriends and children that we like to do.
It’s early stages yet but the first sample has already been shredded on the back of Ed’s chopper and version 2 is being made.
It’s a tough test bed. The bike vibrates so much that bits are always dropping off. Anything weak will die. Watch this space for some tough and styling bags. They will be tested extensively over the summer and probably be available to buy when it’s too dark, wet and cold to actually ride bikes.


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