The extra mile

When we cock it up we like to put things right. Jim ordered a pair of trousers from us. We took his money and then sent him the wrong trousers. Doh!

Normally in a case like this we ask the customer to send us the item back and we refund the postage. Jim was planning to be in the Hebden Bridge area though and he offered to drop the trousers in to us and do an exchange. He’s a nice bloke.

He’d already been over to Hebden Bridge to try and buy these trousers in the first place, but Dynamite our sole stockist didn’t have his size. When he next called down to our unit we were out. Jim said he imagined that we’d probably gone to the pub and he was probably correct. Still he didn’t get upset.

It was time to go the extra mile and so Ed kickstarted the Space Chopper into life. He hand delivered the right pair of trousers directly to Jim at his home. It’s probably unlikely that many other clothing brand directors personally delivered trousers last Saturday. Especially on a chopper.

Thanks for bearing with us Jim as we made a mess of things and thanks for the cup of tea and the chat. Regards to the family and don’t forget that we’ve got a 1485 Field Jacket in your size if you want it. We’ll put this one in the post though.

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