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Call him the Governor!

You don’t want to make a big man angry. We used to only offer one cut of trouser, the tapered leg 177. Lots of people loved them and continue to do so. However some gents with big calf muscles and mighty ankles couldn’t get the trousers on. If they were wearing boots, there just wasn’t enough room in the leg. We also received messages from men with massive thighs who did not want to be accused of trying to wear skinny jeans.

Along with our expert pattern cutter we developed a new cut of trouser and called it the Governor, as this is how you would respectfully refer to these big men. The intention was to make trousers just in the larger sizes.

Before we release a new product there’s a sampling stage where the new garment is worn. Real world testing ensures that we only put out well designed, properly fitting and durable stuff. Ed (beard and tattoos) carries out this task. He’s a diminutive 5’8″ tall chap with a 32″ waist and skinny bird like ankles. He’s not exactly a physical Goliath and not someone that get’s called The Governor. He loved the new cut though and wears them all the time now as his first choice.

Luckily for the smaller guys, Governors look just as good on them as they they do on the bigger chaps and we went into production of the straight leg cut all across our size range, from 30-44″ waist sizes with inside leg lengths all the way up to 37″.

Governor trousers have a straight leg cut. There is more space in the “ballroom”, hip, thigh and ankle. Don’t worry though, they’re definitely not baggy “old man” style trousers. They have the cut, style and quality that HebTroCo is becoming famous for.

Governors are put together like a pair of jeans with a yoked back panel, patch pockets and run and fell seams on the inside leg. All the pocketing is made from heavy cotton and there’s reinforcing in the bottom of the back pockets and where you push your hand into the front pockets. There’s a secret “Coiner’s Pocket” inside the left front pocket and even a subtle, welted tool pocket on the outside left leg, which will fit your multi-tool of choice. British made buttons make up the no nonsense fly. Governors are made from our usual 12oz moleskin cloth, as well in a heavy canvas option. Basically they are a tough pair of jeans, but made out of cloth that we think is better than denim. Comfortable and hardwearing as well as stylish and just a bit different from the norm.

We’re proud that gold medal winning Steve Bate, Para Cycling Track World Champion, wears Governors. He has no problem getting his mighty thighs into them.

We set out to make trousers just for big men, and ended up making great trousers for everyone.
Whatever your size you can be the boss.
Stand up and be the Governor.




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