We don’t do seasons. We don’t do sales.

We don’t play the fashion “seasons” game. We do stylish clothing that’s made to last, rather than fashion that’s designed to be worn then discarded. You should expect to get years of wear out of something that you buy from us. Some people call this ‘Slow Fashion’. It’s just what we do. Clothes should be made well, look good and last for more than a couple of months.

You won’t see our clothing in a sale. If you buy something today, we think it would be unfair for you to see the same item in a sale tomorrow. We offer a premium quality item at a fair price and we don’t set our prices to allow us to offer a 50% or 70% sale somewhere down the line. Cutting prices is ultimately a race to the bottom. It’s either a sign of a business in desperate times, or a business that’s inflating it’s prices so much, that it can still make a profit when it puts itself in the bargain bin. No thanks. When we reach the end of a colour line we list what’s left in the “last few” section. All at original full price of course. https://hebtro.co/last-few/

And now for the weather. Here in the north of England we have three seasons.

  1. Cold
  2. Wet
  3. Some nice days

When we started HebTroCo, all that we sold were Dark Navy and Grey moleskin trousers. We wore them religiously every day from our inception in December, right through the next year. When we reached “some nice days” we cut them down into shorts. Our lovely customers even bought some of them. It kind of worked most of the time, but being honest we were a bit too warm some of the time.

We still wear (and sell) our 177 moleskin trousers most of the time. Things have progressed though and now when it gets “a bit nicer” we slip into canvas Governors. At the moment we’re also excited about our new Works 177s, our lightest weight trousers yet, although it’s still a bit cold for us to dare wearing them. Maybe if we go on another day trip to London….

It can be cold at a summer barbecue or very hot on a night out in the winter, so we make trousers that you can choose to wear based on the prevailing conditions. And that’s why we sell ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ clothing all year round.

Just don’t wait for our end of season sale.


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