A happy accident

It’s a happy accident. We now sit here dressed top to toe in our own brand of clothing. Just over two years ago we didn’t have many decent clothes and we didn’t know anything about the business.

We always appreciated nice things though, liked a good story and we are very curious. It all started with trousers. Having something made locally that you could tell people about in the pub gave us a buzz. So we started to see how far we could take it. Now we have jackets, boots, belts, a screen print and a pocket knife. Hopefully we’re getting the balance right of making a living, collecting good stuff, being proud of what we do, having fun, supporting local manufacturers and looking better than we ever have before.

These photos were taken in Crown Street Fisheries in Hebden Bridge. The fish and chips are delicious, some of the best we’ve ever had. If you were to make your choices in life based on what shouty people write online then you might be put off by one comment on Trip Adviser. We like to take these things with a pinch of salt. “Don’t be a dick” as it says on the care instructions sewn into all our garments.

We enjoy the best of British. Like fish, chips, peas, mixed bread and tea. Or a good curry.


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