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The Making Of The HebTroCo Barlow

Our Damascus steel HebTroCo Barlow Knives are in production. Here are process photos showing some of the work that goes into each knife.

Joe Moore the blacksmith forges out a billet of Damascus steel on the spring hammer. He is based at Portland Works in Sheffield where Michael May who makes our Barlow Knife is also located. It was here that stainless steel was originally developed for use in cutlery.

The Barlow Knife blade starts as one of these billets of forged steel. It is then cut out, shaped with hand files, heat treated, ground and etched.

Here are the component pieces that make the scales or handles of the knife. Brass is soldered on and the Whitby Jet cut to shape and pinned, ready to have the oak scales pinned on to complete the knife.


Barlow Knives will be shipping from stock shortly, but are currently on a 14 day backorder. They are selling fast. Don’t miss out.


HebTroCo Barlow

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