We raised a GRAND for charity

As part of Ed’s recent European cargo bike adventure, he ran a series of charity auctions. Mikkeller, the kings of craft beer from Denmark, kindly donated four rare bottles of Imperial Stout. HebTroCo matched this with a 1485 Wool Jacket, a Garrison Belt and a pair of 177 moleskin trousers. Here’s Ed speeding through the streets of Berlin en route to the Mikkeller bar.

The auctions were held in bars in Copenhagen, Berlin, Rotterdam and Shipley so as you can imagine they were fun affairs. Bids were made, drinks were drunk and everyone was happy. During the course of his journey several other breweries donated bottles for the auction.

We raised a grand total of £985 (which we will round up to £1000) for the beer and clothing which will be split equally between Hjerne Barnet, a Danish charity for children with brain injuries and Candelighters, a British charity for children with cancer.

Now there can be no doubt that beer is for winners and good people appreciate good clothing.

Thanks very much to the people who gave their hard earned cash and enjoyed the craic with us.


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