Black Market Auctions

In the darkest days of winter the beer should be as black as night and the clothing to match. Join Ed as he rides his black Bullitt cargo bike through the darkness at one of the pop up events in cosy bars along his route from Copenhagen back home. These black beers are rare and highly prized by beer geeks. The clothing is premium quality British made menswear. Truly the stuff of the gods.

There will be four charity auctions with the following Mikkeller beers and HebTroCo garments up for grabs. All money raised will be split 50/50 between Hjerne Barnet a Danish charity for children with brain injuries and Candellighters an English charity for children with cancer.

Friday 5th January – Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade, Copenhagen, Denmark – 5-8pm

MIKKELLER BLACK BLACK (black label, blurry Japanese sign):

– Imperial Stout BA in Mikkeller Black Spirit barrels. 18,1% Abv.

– Bottling date: 2012

– Barrel aged Black the Black edition is the only beer in the world that has been barrel aged on its own barrel. That alone make this unique beer is a must for all beer geeks and Mikkeller freaks to try.

HebTroCo 1485 Wool Jacket

Charcoal Grey Melange wool woven in Yorkshire and manufactured in Lancashire.

Cost £215.

The jacket that Odin would choose.


Friday 12th January – Mikkeller Berlin, Germany – 5-8pm

MIKKELLER BA BLACK (Black Label, Japanese sign):

– Imperial Stout BA Peated Cask Edition, 17,5% Abv.

– Bottling date: 2009

– 3 Months on french whisky barrels. It’s no longer produced.

HebTroCo 177 Dark Grey Moleskin Trousers

Made from premium heavyweight German moleskin and manufactured to the highest quality in the north of England.

Cost £110.

Thor’s own trousers.


Thursday 18th January – Fenix Food Factory, Rotterdam, Netherlands – 5-8pm


– Imperial Stout BA in Calvados Barrels, 14,9% Abv.

– Bottling date: Sometime around 2012

– Mythical beer

HebTroCo Garrison Belt in Black

Best quality full grain British bridal butt leather and a hand made heavy weight copper buckle.

Cost £175.

The belt that Hodr, Norse god of darkness and winter, would wear.


Friday 26th January – The Triangle, Shipley, England – 5-8pm

MIKKELLER BLACK SMALL BREW SERIES (white label, Japanese sign):

– Imperial Stout BA in Calvados Barrels, 19,2% Abv.

– Bottling date: Unknown

– This hard hitter is no longer produced.

HebTroCo Moto Boots

Best quality British made heavy work boot that can also be worn for riding motorcycles.

Cost £250.

Would be the choice of Hermódr, son of Odin and messenger of the gods.



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