We Make Menswear

This is Charlotte.

We’ve just started a series of features in Happen called “Self Made”. It’s all about men who inspire us and in the feature there are photographs of these men looking good in HebTroCo gear.

We did wonder whether we should write “people” who inspire us, because obviously there are many inspirational women doing great things out there in the world. Lots of our suppliers are women. Ruby makes amazing belts for us, our boot maker, William Lennon is run by a woman and at least 50% of the machinists who make jackets and trousers for us are women. We don’t have any plans to make womenswear, but we will be featuring some of the women who make stuff for us in a ‘meet the maker’ style feature.

Having said all this there are a number of women who like our stuff and who look good in it. We did a feature on Liz who looks great in her dark navy 177 moleskins. You can find this piece in Happen. At the weekend we ran a pop up at the True ‘Til Death tattoo shop in Accrington. Charlotte came along and wanted to try our 1485 Wool jacket. She’d been looking at several workwear style jackets from other brands but hadn’t found anything that she liked. Apparently they were all a bit boxy for her taste.

Luckily she liked the 1485 jacket and bought one there and then. We think she looks great.


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