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True ‘Til Death

Our next pop up event will be in Accrington on Saturday 11th November at the opening party of the new True ‘Til Death tattoo shop. We will be playing records and showing a full collection of our jackets, trousers, belts and boots  which will be available for trying on. We will be there from midday onwards, until the end.

Address is 13 Whalley Road, Accrington, BB51AD

We go back a long way with these guys. As well as doing Ed’s knuckle tattoos, Richard Lazenby the shop owner tattooed him as part of the making of one of his infamous mountain bike videos, the “Vain Vagrant”.

Labelled “the weirdest mountain bike video yet” by Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine it’s a surreal silent movie with beer, body art, death and some bike riding. Make your own mind up.

Chris Kenyon also tattoos at True ‘Till Death. As well as also tattooing Ed he designed the patch that adorns the back of the GVNR trousers and shorts, as well as a new HebTroCo product that is about to be released.

Jim Longhurst also tattoos here and he famously appeared on Mastermind in a pair of our moleskin trousers. His specialist subject was Black Metal Music.

Come and see us there and join in the fun. Who knows, maybe you will go home with a new sex panther tattoo.

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