Secret Pocket

Did you know that there is a secret pocket in every pair of HebTroCo trousers? The secret pocket has eluded many people who own and have even been wearing our trousers for some time.

Here it is hiding under the ‘Don’t Be a Dick’ instructions. Also note the side pocket bag on these GVNR trousers. We like good pockets.

The secret pocket is made from the same heavy cotton pocketing material as the pocket itself. A bit like a nice cotton version of one of those plastic coin bags you get from the bank, the pocket has a top flap that you reach under to get into the envelope.

Why have a secret pocket? It’s annoying when all your change falls out in the swimming baths when you’re getting changed, so we designed a pocket within the front pocket to stop this from happening. It also works to separate items within the pocket, such as keeping coins away from a pocket multi

How to find the secret pocket. Put your left hand in to your left front trouser pocket. Turn your palm away from your hip. Feel around on the outer part of the pocket bag. You will feel the flap. Go under this and down with your fingers.

Now you can keep secret things safe.

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