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Copenhagen to Hebden Bridge by Bike

A couple of months ago we borrowed a Bullitt e-cargo bike. We liked riding it so much that we ordered two to use for all our local transportation needs.

When we started HebTroCo we carried all packaged orders to the local Post Office. We still use the Post Office rather than a courier company. We like to think that this will help keep this local resource open. There are a lot more orders to ship nowadays and our warehouse unit is a couple of miles from the PO so we use bikes now.

Rather than having the new bikes delivered to us we have decided to go and get them ourselves and ride them home. There we’ve said it, so now we have to do it. We are collecting the bikes from Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our bikes will be the new Bullitt with a Shimano Steps 8000 electric motor which is due to land sometime in November. It’s the perfect time of year to go on a northern European cycle tour.

The plan is to fly to Copenhagen with a set of HebTroCo products, pick up the bikes, then ride home doing some pop ups on the way. Copenhagen, Hamburg and Amsterdam sound like fun places to visit. If you have any good cycle route advice please get in touch.

Training has started on the Pennine hills for the trip. It’s quite hard and we are having to eat even more than usual. Give us a wave if you see us out on the roads.


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