Can you dig it?

‘Slow fashion’ is a thing apparently. It involves making products that last and are not disposable, which is certainly something we believe in. As a small business, selling quality goods manufactured in Britain, products take time to come to market and we joked that we would’t launch our shorts until Christmas. We’ve amazed ourselves though and the GVNR shorts are here now and shipping to customers and it’s still the summer! We have also started to receive stock of the GVNR trousers too.

When we plan a photoshoot it’s usually easy to find a suitable location near to our base in Hebden Bridge. We live in the middle of a fantastic landscape with characterful places and people all around us. When thinking about the launch of the shorts, we didn’t think beyond buying a couple of vintage Hawaiian shirts. Surely a good location would present itself?

Walking out of our unit we had no idea on where to go. Then brant remembered that there was a sand sculpture company near us on the same business park. With a quick google search it turned out that ‘Sand In Your Eye’ are located about 15 seconds walk from us. They are a hugely talented bunch who make grand scale sand sculptures for public spaces and private events. They also cut amazing ice sculptures and even make mind blowing carved pumpkins. Their unit on Top Land Country Business Park, where we are also based, allows them to run workshops with groups from corporate team building days to kids parties.

We knocked on the door, explained who we are, and in spite of that, within minutes we were playing in the sandpit equipped with buckets and spades, beach balls and straw hats, all with the backdrop of beach huts. You couldn’t make it up.

The main thing you need when running your own business is balls.

Have a great summer and remember that shorts are good for wearing in the rain.



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