Piece Hall

Hercules the pug was the first dog to set foot in the fabulously redeveloped Piece Hall in Halifax a couple of weeks ago. If it wasn’t for his friendly charm we would have never got inside to take some photos.

The Grade I listed building has been having a £20 million facelift over the last three years. The builders were still hard at work getting the place finished for the grand opening on Yorkshire Day, which is today, the 1st of August.

We were in Halifax shooting photos and video for the launch of our new GVNR (Governor) trousers and shorts. Our last minute email request for access to the Piece Hall had been turned down as the site wasn’t quite ready. But that all changed when we bumped into Amy Harbour, Operations Director. Amy likes pugs and she loved Hercules, and where we had been denied he was granted VIP access. Hercules marched us straight in to this unique Georgian building and was good enough not to cock his leg on any of the features.

In the eighteenth century the Piece Hall was the world centre of the woolen trade and stood as a symbol of Northern power. Thirty yard ‘pieces’ of cloth woven on hand looms were traded here. The classical architecture  sent out a strong message that it was not grim up north.

We were in town to take photos of renowned Halifax architect and HebTroCo customer Steve Gitner. It was fitting then that we should be in another place that is helping make Halifax great again.

We’d already been using the excellent Alexandra Beer House as a location and refreshment place too. It’s a great craft beer bar with an incredible selection of bottled beers, and curious ephemera.

From today the Piece Hall will be open for business and pleasure. This monument of pre-industrial power will now host events, performances and exhibitions, as well as being a permanent home for boutique shops and food and drink businesses.

The classical sandstone pillars and balconies of the original building are now complimented with granite steps, benches and stone flags. The different coloured stonework adds light and an expansive, spacious feel to this impressive space.

Our Governor trousers and shorts are now made up and start shipping from Thursday this week.

The Halifax Piece Hall is Hercules approved.



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